Code of Conduct

In furtherance of the Articles, Bylaws, Mission, Vision and Values of the Leaside Hockey Association (LHA), the following Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Association. This Code of Conduct applies to all LHA Members (including without limitation players, parents/guardians and coaches/team management, officials, volunteers, officers, directors and employees) participating in LHA activities.

The Members of the Association, as defined in the Bylaws include:

  • Each player 18 years of age or older registered in the Association's Hockey School, House League, Seniors or GTHL hockey programme for the current hockey season;

  • The parent or guardian having signed the registration application form for each player under the age of 18 registered in the Hockey School, House League, Seniors or GTHL hockey programme for the current hockey season;
  • Officers, Directors of the Association and duly appointed convenors, coaches,  managers and trainers registered in one of the above programmes for the current hockey season;
  • Such other persons as the Board of Directors may by resolution admit to membership.

I.        Provisions Applicable to All Members:

II.       Provisions Applicable to Members who are Players

Every LHA player agrees that she or he will:

III.      Provisions Applicable to Members who are Parents or Guardians

Every parent or guardian of an LHA player will:

IV.      Provisions Applicable to Coaches and Team Management

Every LHA Coach, Assistant, Manager, Trainer and other member of team management acknowledges that she/he is in a position of trust and authority and will:


Leaside Hockey Association

Code of Conduct Acknowledgement and Agreement 

I _____________________________________ acknowledge that:
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Members and participants of the LHA shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values of the LHA, which include integrity, sportsmanship, honesty, respect, compassion, and fairness. During the course of all LHA activities and events, members shall avoid behaviour which brings the LHA or the sport of hockey into disrepute, including but not limited to:

  • use of alcohol by minors and abusive use of alcohol by other members
  • use of non-medical drugs
  • use of abusive language 
  • objectionable conduct

In particular, Members of the LHA shall refrain from:

  • Comments or behaviours, which are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist
  • Behaviour, which constitutes harassment or abuse or bullying

Every member, by participating as a player, by enrolling her/his child or guardian in programs of the LHA, or by acting as a coach or member of any team management agrees to act in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Code of Conduct and understands and accepts that any contravention may result in disciplinary action as determined by the Board,  up to and including, suspension or revocation of membership and all associated rights and privileges.  Players, coaches and members of team management will be asked to acknowledge the applicable provisions of this Code of Conduct in the form set out in the Appendix, as part of the selection process.

  • Make a commitment to her/his team at all times by attending all practices, games, meetings, special events, and by playing to the best of her/his ability;
  • Respect her/his Coaches at all times and remember that her/his Coaches are providing her/him with the opportunity to learn and play the game of hockey; Respect the safety of other players by playing the game within the rules at all times; 
  • Respect the Officials and their decisions at all times;
  • Strive to act in accordance with the Mission, Vision and Values of the LHA, the provisions of the Code of Conduct applicable to all LHA Members and these specific provisions;
  • Accept such disciplinary action as may be imposed if she/he does not fulfill her/his obligations under this Code of Conduct.
  • Enroll her/his child for the pure enjoyment of the game and the opportunity to learn the skills of the sport;
  • Recognize that at a hockey rink, her/his child's development is in the hands of volunteers who are giving their time and energy for the sake of all participants;
  • Respect the decisions of the Coaches, whether at practice, special events, or during a game;
  • Strive to conduct herself/himself in a manner consistent the Mission, Vision and Values of the LHA, the provisions of the Code of Conduct applicable to all LHA Members and these specific provisions when attending games, practices and special events and strive to be positive and encouraging to all players at all times;
  • Encourage her/his child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility, profanity, verbal or physical violence;
  • Never verbally abuse a Coach, Assistant, Manager, Trainer, or Official and remember that they have difficult jobs and not undermine them by contradicting, interfering, or questioning their character, motivation, or judgment in public;
  • Acknowledge that she/he remains responsible, as a parent, for the safety of her/his child while she/he is participating in LHA activities and  will therefore do her/his part to protect and enhance the safety of my child and others;
  • Communicate concerns and attempt to resolve conflicts directly with the coaching staff before communicating with LHA officials.
  • Be reasonable when scheduling games and practices, remembering that players have other interest and obligations; 
  • Teach players to play fairly and to respect the rules, Officials, opponents and teammates;
  • Remember that players play to have fun and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves;
  • Ensure that all players receive equal instruction, support and appropriate, fair playing time;
  • Remember that participants need a Coach they can respect;
  • Be generous with praise and set a good example;
  • Respect all participants and recognize that she/he is in a position of trust and power, and she/he will do nothing to take advantage of or abuse it;
  • Do her/his best to be a competent Coach or team official, well prepared and adequately skilled and will obtain training and certification as required   by the LHA;
  • Not ridicule or yell at players for making mistakes or for performing poorly;
  • Not address players of an opposing team except to provide positive encouragement or congratulations;
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that equipment and facilities are safe and appropriate to their players;
  • Cooperate with Officials and address them and coaches of opposing teams only in a civilized and respectful tone;
  • Encourage fair and open communication with parents and players and proactively address and seek to resolve all issues and conflicts directly with parents and players and report all material issues and conflicts to the appropriate LHA VP (ie. VP GTHL,  VP Select or VP House League as  applicable);
  • Cooperate with LHA team officials at all levels of a given birth year with a view to the best interests of all LHA players of the birth year.
  • I have received and reviewed the attached copy of the Leaside Hockey Association (LHA) Mission, Vision & Values and Code of Conduct which identify the standard of conduct expected of all LHA members and participants;
  • While participating in LHA activities, I will use my best efforts at all times to ensure that my conduct is consistent with the Mission, Vision and  Values and fulfills the applicable requirements of the Code of Conduct. 

I understand that failure to comply with the Mission, Vision and Values and  Code of Conduct could result in the loss of membership and privileges which come with membership in the LHA, including the opportunity to participate in LHA activities and events both present and future.

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