Family Information Sheet

All parents are required to complete the Respect in Sport Course:

The Leaside Hockey Association’s Select Hockey Program is a great balance of community House League/ Hockey School  play, with the added element of advanced coaching, team management, additional practices and competitive play with other teams in the GTA.   Select level hockey is non-contact at all levels.

Select players are drawn from the Leaside House League/ Hockey School program and compete against other Select teams within the NYHL, a division of the GTHL, of which Leaside is one of its 32 Associations.  Really great hockey!


The Select program is an extension of the LHA House League/Hockey School program.  All Select teams/players - across the GTA- MUST participate in an House League/Hockey School program.  If you do not participate in our House League/Hockey School program you cannot – and will not - play your Select games/practices.  We support fully, monitor and enforce this rule.  We want our Select players to be mentors and positive role-models in our House League/Hockey School program.

Individuals who make a Select team play (a) their one House League gameor Hockey School lesson per week; (b) approximately one additional Select game per week and (c) attend one or two Select practices weekly, depending on the team level (see more below). In addition, Select teams usually participate in a number of tournaments each season – a great way for kids and families to bond and experience a team weekend event.  Again, this varies by team level (see below).

The focus of our Select program is on GREAT COACHING and GREAT TEAM MANAGEMENT.   From these two foundations come great teams, great hockey and great hockey players.


  • To keenly welcome all interested skaters - from new skaters to GTHL-experienced players.  We hope to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and valued.
  • To do our upmost to get as many kids playing in our program that are interested/tryout as we can.
  • To conduct tryouts that are open, fair and transparent.



Continuing again this year!  During LHA tryouts players will be evaluated by (1) the appointed head-coaches of the age group, and (2) a neutral, 3rd party evaluator from HOCKEY EXTREME;

  • IMPORTANT: For returning Select players: Placement of a specific/same team last year is not guaranteed.  Only two spots per team can be guaranteed and they are the son/daughter of the Head Coach and one other staff member as designated by the head Coach.  The rest of the  2017-2018 placement decisions will be made during these tryout sessions.
  • Over the course of the first two tryouts, the head-coaches and 3rd-party evaluator will collaboratively- begin to allocate the players on the “A” “B” “C” and/or “D” teams (Tyke to Novice) and “A” and “B” teams (Minor Atom to Midget Senior).
  • After two tryouts, ~17-21 players will be invited to attend a third tryout for the RED (A) team:
    • A player/family does not need to accept this invitation.  ** Parents need to be 100% aware of – and be in full agreement of - the time and financial commitments the RED (A) team requires (see some detail on the following pages and you should discuss this with the coach when he/she calls).
    • If you decline the invitation to the RED (A) team, you are automatically invited to the GOLD (B) team tryout.

If you know you cannot commit to the RED (A) team early on (time-wise or financially), PLEASE MAKE THAT CLEAR TO OUR STAFF EARLY ON – so that we can best plan for ALL teams.  Thank you. 

  • Once the invitations to the RED (A) team are confirmed, the coaches and invigilator will invite the next group of players to the GOLD (B) team tryout (this follows the RED (A) tryout same day):  
    • Again, if there is a third WHITE (C) team, you may decline this GOLD (B) invitation and be automatically invited to that team’s final tryout (same day). The same process applies in the Tyke to Novice divisions for a fourth BLACK (D) team.
  • Once the RED (A) and GOLD (B) teams are filled, the WHITE (C) coach, invigilators and Select program staff will fill the WHITE (C) and BLACK (D) teams.


Time Commitment:


·         One House League game per week or one hockey school for  (Red, White, Gold, Black)

·         One Select Game per week (Red, White, Gold, Black)

·         One to two Select practices per week may be scheduled depending on team. Red and Gold teams in younger age groups have two practices a week

·         Leaside Hockey Tournament in February.

·         Out of Town Tournament (determined by coaches and hotel and meals covered by player and family – Red and Gold  teams usually participate in up to 3 tournaments.  Leaside Tournament and 2 others).

·         There will be playoff games scheduled during March Break and every player is expected to be present.

·         There will be no Select games or practices over the Christmas Holidays or Easter Weekend.

General financial commitment and notes:

There is a financial commitment to playing Select hockey, which varies depending on the Team.  This additional fee covers all NYHL league games, all Select practices, exhibition games, additional ice, tournament registrations, sweaters, socks, professional skills coaching, team training equipment and usually mid-season and year-end parties.   A sample budget for the year will be reviewed and approved by the parents at the Team’s first parent meeting.  Please note the cost below are in addition to the $500 for hockey school and house league.

Estimated Select Fees for 2015-2016 Season:

Select Red (A) team                              $1800 to $2000

Select Gold (B) team                            $1700 to $1900

Select White (C) or Black (D) teams      $1600 to $1900


Other costs:

·         LHA Apparel / misc. clothing (track pants / t-shirts / etc) TOTALLY OPTIONAL but can be ~$50-$150.

·         NYHL Gate fees at each game for parents and Select player ($5/person) – budget ~$150 (non-hockey playing children under 14 and seniors are free).

Please note that the above costs are estimates.   No hard budgets have been formulated at this point. The individual cost per player will be directly affected by the total amount of fundraising and sponsorship funds a team participates in.   Parents approve team budgets once the team is formed.

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We look forward to a great season with your family!

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