The Select division of the LHA provides an opportunity for House League players to participate in competitive hockey. For children under 9, it is the highest level of competitive hockey they can play. At 9 years old, players may continue to play Select, or they may try out to play in the Greater Toronto Hockey League (“GTHL”). Please see our GTHL page for more information about that program.

In the pre-GTHL years (age 9 and below), the Leaside Select division ices up to four Select teams in each age group (Red, Gold, White and Black). At Minor Atom and above, we ice up to two Select teams in each age group (Red, Gold). The teams roughly correspond to the NYHL tiering system as follows:
Select Red – Tier 1 / 2
Select Gold – Tier 2 / 3
Select White – Tier 3 / 4
Select Black – Tier 4 / 5

The number of Select teams and specific tiering decisions vary year to year. These decisions are made after tryouts.

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