The 2018/19 Recipient: Andrew Kennedy

Andrew is smart, energetic, tireless, detail oriented and unflinchingly positive. As the GM of the Select program Andrew has been responsible for overseeing the program’s younger teams. Over the past year Andrew has helped to bring the CDS concept to life, which was no mean feat. Among other things this involved: designing the program to ensure compliance with the Hockey Canada cross-ice mandate; developing a program rulebook; running clinics for referees to train them on those new rules; designing tiering to accommodate teams of varying skill levels; working with our ice coordinator and the three other participating organizations to acquire ice; overseeing the program accounting to ensure that each organization had contributed the correct amount to offset ice costs; creating game schedules that were to be published at the beginning of the Fall and Winter seasons thereby allowing parents to know their schedule for the entire season; helping to design a parent survey and reviewing its results to identify areas for improvement for the 2019-20 season; working with the other participating associations to implement those changes; and accommodating an influx of new players who are joining the CDS program at Leaside because of the tremendously positive feedback it has received from participating families.

In addition, Andrew has made other significant contributions to the LHA Board by serving on the Finance Committee among other things, and has contributed on the ice with his children’s teams.

Like Jeff, Andrew envisioned program changes which would improve the hockey experience for LHA players and their families, and like Jeff, he implemented those changes well. Andrew will be the first to tell you that he did not do it on his own, but he took ownership of the program at a time when it needed someone to step up and be its champion.