Select Tournament 2020: Get Your Invitation!

Want to be a part of this year’s Select Invitational Tournament but haven’t yet received an invitation? Here is the list of people who can make your Leaside Invitational dreams come true.

IP6 Red: Mark Crane –
IP6 Gold: Eric Matthews –
IP6 White: John Medland –
IP6 Black: Brian Callanan –

Minor Novice Red: Brandon Crombeen –
Minor Novice Gold: Mike Bourne –
Minor Novice White: Ryan Greaves –

Novice Red: Bryan Dymond –
Novice Gold: TJ Flood –
Novice White: Tim Watson –

Minor Atom Red: Sean Kinley –
Minor Atom Gold: Shannon Andersen –

Atom Red: Sean Monson –

Minor Peewee Red: John Medland –
Minor Peewee Gold Marko Papadopoulos –

Peewee Red: Dan McFadden –
Peewee Gold: Shawn Bedard –

Minor Bantam Red: Paul Andersen –
Minor Bantam Gold Paul Joliat –

Bantam Red: Tobin Davis –
Bantam Gold: Stephen Peirce –

Minor Midget Red: Joel Alden –
Minor Midget Gold: Tim Van Alstyne –

Midget Junior Red: Mike Piotrowski –
Midget Junior Gold: Mike Fenton –
Midget Senior Red: Jeff Dover –