The TNO has been flooded with requests for help from Thonrncliffe residents who are facing profound food insecurity.

Volunteers have been delivering food boxes to residents weekly and the plan is to distribute food until at least the end of June (as long as they have the provisions to do so).

The Second Harvest has been donating fresh produce and the TNO has been delivering that along with non-perishables.

If you would like to donate, the items that go into each box are:

Vegetable Oil (3L), Rice (basmati 4 kg), All Purpose Flour (2 kg), Pasta (900 g bags), Sugar (2 kg), Tomato Sauce (1.36 L), Kidney Beans (540 g), Mixed Beans (540 g), Chickpeas (540 g), Canned Tuna (170 g), Lentils (5 kg), Mung beans (5 kg), Oatmeal (1 kg)

Any donations of any of these items would be GREATLY appreciated.

Donations can be brought to the north end of 20 Overlea Blvd, Monday to Friday from noon until 4. (The delivery spot at 20 Overlea is located behind the Tim Hortons / Wendy’s, across the street from the Iqbal grocery store).

In order to maintain distancing safety, please call the intake coordinator Aamir Sukhera at 416 346 3000 as you are leaving your home.