Mark Thursday May 6th at 7pm in your calendars! Our speaker series continues with Seanna Thomas, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, mom of three young athletes, and founder of Hockey Snacks Inc. She works as a food educator for families, sports teams, and organizations; as well, she is a public speaker, and media personality. She is a regular contributor to Triathlon Magazine Canada, GTHL Breakout, CP24 Breakfast, as well as multiple other publications and media outlets. Although Seanna is educated in all aspects of nutrition, she focuses on realistic clean eating with a spotlight on healthy family habits and fuelling young athletes for performance. She can be found on Facebook (@hockeysnacks), Instagram (@hockey_snacks), and Youtube (Hockey Snacks Inc). In her downtime, she enjoys being outdoors with her family and relaxing at home with her husband and a well-deserved glass of wine. We’re excited to listen to her share tips on preparing for a return to hockey!

Please use the following link to join us:

Meeting ID: 838 6992 8701
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