U18 Gold Select Wins Lefroy Ice Breakers Fall Faceoff!

This past weekend, the Leaside U18 Red and Gold teams participated in the Lefroy Ice Breakers Fall Faceoff tournament. The U18 division had 10 teams, including 4 from Ottawa. After the 3 preliminary rounds, the Red team was undefeated and in first place and Gold was 2-1 in fourth place. So the teams met in one SemiFinal on Sunday morning. After an incredibly exciting and close game, Gold beat Red 2-1 … in the 4th OT! The teams ended the first 3 periods tied at 1. There were no goals in the first OT period, so the teams went to a 4-on-4 format for the second OT, but still no goals. A third OT period, with the teams playing 3-on-3, didn’t produce a goal. Finally, in the fourth OT, playing 2-on-2, Alex Stephenson scored on a great pass from Nigel Magner to end the game. It was an amazing game for the fans, who needed to catch their breath after the game almost as much as the players. The Gold team went on to avenge their only defeat and win the Final 4-1 over the West End Wolverines from Ottawa. In the Semi-Final photo below, Leaside U18 Red is in White and Leaside U18 Gold is in Red